Everybody deserves

A greater well-being

For people who want to ease their anxiety and find inner calm.
I help you reach your optimal state of well-being.

One session at a time.

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An acupuncture clinic for you, in the Rosemont area

Why acupuncture?

Will acupuncture work for me?

Acupuncture is a holistic therapy that encourages the body's own self-regulating mechanisms (homeostasis), already present in you, to kick in. It naturally supports your body in its constant effort to maintain its balance. As useful in prevention as a treatment, acupuncture supports your natural defenses against many health problems.

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Relieving stress and anxiety

A natural way to strengthen your emotional and mental balance

Acupuncture relieves physical and emotional symptoms caused by stress or anxiety. The treatments allow for a state of regenerative relaxation and the secretion of hormones that regulate mood and decrease pain (such as endorphin).

A better connection with oneself, an ability to step back when necessary, a decrease in physical discomfort and a better ability to adapt are common effects of treatment.

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A mission

To inspire people to achieve their optimal well-being by adopting a lifestyle that is in tune with themselves, their body, and their needs.

My approach

I help people who have lost the ability to live their daily lives as they wish, whether it is due to a physical, emotional or mental imbalance. My job is to help you regain your balance. On all levels.

I am committed to offering the greatest possible relief through Chinese medicine, by reducing your pain and offering solutions and tools that will support your mind-body balance. I believe that everyone is the master of her or his own health, which is why I share Qigong exercises and lifestyle recommendations that will help you prevent your pain and strengthen your emotional stability.

I have a strong interest not only in the treatment of disorders of psychological nature, such as depression, stress and anxiety, but also of physical nature such as pain, menstrual disorders, fatigue and exhaustion. I see the therapeutic relationship as an essential part of the healing process.

That's why I focus on what's bothering you in a safe space, where you are free to open up, or not. I offer a place of listening, understanding and non-judgment where you can truly unwind. I want this to be a time that is 100% dedicated to you. Together, we will seek to find your own sustainable living ecosystem that will keep you grounded. And live in harmony with yourself.

I am looking forward to supporting you in your greater well-being!

Your acupuncturist

Nice to meet you!


I'm Carolanne

I am constantly honored to have the opportunity to accompany other human beings in their quest for wellness. Helping others in their journey allows me to deepen my own realization by nourishing myself with authentic and true interactions.

It is a feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment in my former career in computing that led me to want to do a job that had more value and importance in my eyes. That's why I gave myself the chance to find a path that would suit me better, and to take the big leap of professional reconversion. It was after more than a year of research and inner reflection that acupuncture came into my life, like a revelation.

I was immediately fascinated by this model of thought that encompasses nature, humans, and their interactions. Since then, Chinese medicine has become part of my daily life. I have been practicing Qigong and BaguaZhang since 2018. These practices help me better understand my own body and ground me. Once I became an acupuncturist, I immediately started my training in Tuina, which I had the chance to practice during clinical internships at the Gongfu Research Center in Montreal. It is also there that I began to develop my sense for the gentle and profound techniques of Chinese energy manipulation, techniques that characterize my practice today.

I will be happy to share these techniques with you at our next meeting.

Carolanne Champagne, Ac.

Carolanne Champagne portrait, acupuncturist
Carolanne Champagne, Ac.
Your acupuncturist
Photo of the treatment room at the médecine alternative petite-patrie clinic, rosemont
I welcome you in a bright and plant-filled clinic.

The care I offer

2 services to consider all the needs of the body:


A therapy that activates the body's regulatory mechanisms so that it regains its optimal balance.


Therapeutic massage that takes into account the acupuncture points and energy channels (meridians) to tonify and circulate the body's energy while releasing tension.

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