The Chinese medicine services I offer

To accompany you in a way that meets the needs of your body.


I develop and deepen three avenues specific to Chinese medicine, in order to take into account all the components of your body and its health:


It is both a preventive and curative medicine that is part of Chinese medicine. It aims to activate the body's regulatory mechanisms so that it sets in motion its self-healing process. It thus restores the oxygenation, digestion and elimination functions of all tissues without chemical substances or side effects.

It can increase stress resistance, immune system effectiveness, promote emotional balance and decrease pain.

Aesthetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment focused on the appearance of the face and its optimal health. It is a global treatment, meaning that the person's overall health is taken into consideration during the initial evaluation. Each treatment addresses physical and emotional imbalances as well as the premature aging of the facial skin.

Aesthetic acupuncture is indicated for those who want a natural, gentle, and progressive treatment to rejuvenate the appearance of facial skin and reduce wrinkles. It is a safe solution with no side effects that offers immediate, cumulative, and long-lasting results.


It is a therapeutic massage that is part of Chinese medicine and is performed over clothing. It takes into account acupuncture points and energy channels (meridians) to tone and circulate the body's energy while releasing tension.

It is appropriate for physical or emotional pain, whether due to injury, trauma or following surgery.


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1st appointment

File opening, analysis and treatment

Any process must begin with this initial meeting. It consists of your Chinese medicine health assessment, treatment plan and treatment.

We will discuss prognosis, follow-up and what modalities will be most appropriate for you.

Please allow 10 minutes to complete the online intake form that will be sent to you in the appointment confirmation email.

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Acupuncture follow-ups

Follow-up from last treatment and new treatment

We discuss the effects of the last treatment and the evolution of your condition.

Depending on the problem, follow-ups can be close or spaced out. Once your balance is restored, seasonal treatments help maintain the results we have achieved.

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Student Tuina follow-ups

Tuina massage treatment

Tuina treatment is done over clothing. It focusses on removing energy and muscle blockages in the body in a manual way.

How does it work?

The steps of an acupuncture treatment


Make an appointment

The easiest way is to book your appointment online. You will then receive an appointment confirmation email. It is important to read it carefully as it contains important information and instructions.

If this is your first appointment with me, an intake form to be completed prior to our meeting will accompany the confirmation email. This helps me being better prepared to meet you without taking up time from our appointment.


Clinical examination

Each session begins with a short discussion to establish your energy balance and the changes that have taken place since your last visit. This is the perfect time to mention anything you feel is relevant and important to your problem. It is possible that dietary advices, lifestyle tips and QiGong exercises will be suggested to you.

There will also be a physical assessment in the form of pulse taking, tongue reading and palpation.


The treatment

I invite you to lie down and make sure you are comfortable. I proceed to the installation of the needles (single-use), then there is a rest time of about 30 minutes during which the needles act. This is the time to relax. You can feel calm, serenity, and a boost of energy at the same time.

Different modalities can be combined during a treatment. I may perform some Tuina manipulations, use moxibustion or apply external herbs.

Being a member of the Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec:
Acupuncture services are tax-free, and you will receive a receipt following each treatment. Many group insurance plans reimburse acupuncture expenses, so you may want to check with your own insurance company for reimbursement terms before making an appointment.
Made the same day, the accepted methods of payment are:
  • cash
  • debit card
  • Interac transfer

Issued for insurance or tax purposes in the name of the person who received the treatment, following payment. It will be sent by email the same day.