5 December 2023

Carolanne Champagne, Ac.

Reading time: 11 mins

Age-Defying skin: Non-Surgical Facelifts with aesthetic acupuncture?

We have every interest in discovering the world of natural beauty. We often instinctively think that beauty in today’s society involves heavy cosmetic surgery, with harmful products that we are accustomed to accepting on or in our body. Botulinum toxin injections (Botox) or the application of creams containing endocrine disruptors? No, thank you, let’s pass!

That’s why we have every benefit of exploring the mix of ancient wisdom with modern beauty. It’s possible: tiny needles for big results. Imagine this: a natural, non-invasive technique that revitalizes your skin. Let’s explore why this natural approach to aesthetic acupuncture could be the new secret to aging gracefully.

We will learn who the ideal candidate is and what result to expect from a cosmetic acupuncture treatment, the important aspects of safety and hygiene involved in the procedure, and what realistic expectations we should have. Let’s embark on this journey to discover your younger and radiant skin.

Non-surgical facelift thanks to aesthetic acupuncture.

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna have claimed to use acupuncture to improve their skin and well-being. There is no reason why this treatment should be reserved for celebrities; it is accessible to everyone!

An acupuncture facelift is a non-surgical procedure recognized as a holistic alternative to Botox or other injection procedures. During aesthetic acupuncture treatment, the patient receives small needles in different key areas of the face. The needles create micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, triggering the regeneration of skin cells by the body. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and activates the blood circulation of the face. Thus, it helps eliminate wrinkles, facial lines, and other visible signs of aging on the face and neck, as explained on the Medical News Today

How to deeply revitalize your skin without surgery with acupuncture.

Acupuncture works by inserting very fine needles at specific points on the body to mobilize the body’s energy, the flow of Qi, activate the lymphatic system to drain toxins, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The needles are strategically placed to firm sagging areas of the face, such as the cheeks and neck, and relax tense areas, such as the forehead and chin. Even science is beginning to study the benefits of facial rejuvenation by acupuncture, and this scientific review notes the effectiveness of cosmetic acupuncture in improving skin elasticity and reversing pigment changes associated with aging!

woman relaxing with her face mask during the microcurrent stage of her aesthetic acupuncture treatment
Microcurrent is an integral part of our aesthetic acupuncture treatment

With stimulated acupuncture points, the skin will be firmer and appear smoother. Facial lines will be filled with collagen and deep hydration provided during treatments. Did you know that increasing collagen production is one of the most effective and vital methods to improve skin appearance?

The power of self-healing: harnessing your own ability to rejuvenate.

Unlike other more invasive aesthetic treatments that use chemicals, the acupuncture approach works by simply using our natural healing ability. That is, we are not adding anything to the body; we are only reactivating the body’s natural mechanisms that tend to slow down with age. Fabulous, isn’t it?

Safety of aesthetic acupuncture, a reliable choice: hygiene protocols, certifications, and important training.

Aesthetic acupuncture is an extremely safe treatment when performed by a certified acupuncturist with specific aesthetic training (check if aesthetic acupuncture is part of the continuing education of your preferred acupuncturist!). The most common side effect is developing a small bruise at the needle insertion site. Although not aesthetic, this small bruise is rare, temporary, and harmless. It will disappear on its own after a few days.

Health vs. Appearance: weighing priorities in treatment choices.

Botox injection, on the other hand, has frequent side effects such as pain and/or infection at the injection site, swelling, headaches, flu-like symptoms, dry eyes, eyelid sagging, and more. More rarely, there can even be systemic complications from procedures: muscle weakness, vision problems, speech problems, respiratory problems, or allergic reactions. All these possible risks associated with Botox make us question: Is it worth risking impairing our health to improve our appearance?

Choosing an expert: the importance of finding a certified and qualified acupuncturist.

Aesthetic acupuncture is indeed a safe treatment modality, but it still involves putting needles on the face! It is therefore important to find a professional who is a member of the Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec and who has completed post-graduate training in aesthetic acupuncture. If you have doubts, check their continuing education on their website or contact them directly!

Hygiene without compromise: Impeccable standards in aesthetic acupuncture.

I reassure you immediately: all needles used in acupuncture are single-use. All. Always. And the same goes for facial treatments. This means that each inserted needle comes out of its aseptic packaging and is then disposed of after use in a biomedical waste bin to be burned according to legal standards. As for tools that come into contact with the facial skin, such as cups and Gua Sha, they all undergo disinfection by soaking in a bleach solution, as stipulated and required by the Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec. So, any material that comes into contact with your skin is cleaned and asepticized.

The benefits of a non-surgical approach in aesthetic acupuncture.

As it activates the body’s natural healing mechanisms, the results will always look natural, which is a major advantage compared to surgical approaches.

Botox vs. acupuncture: a comparison of aging gracefully.

Aesthetic acupuncture allows you to maintain facial expressions and muscle tone for an authentic and subtle result. It is a gentle, virtually painless technique that can help reduce swelling, under-eye bags, sagging skin, brown spots and wrinkles. Acupuncture can even help redefine and enhance facial contours, creating a natural facelift. A real tonic glow that preserves your facial expressions.

Unlike Botox, which injects botulinum toxin to freeze the muscle in time, aesthetic acupuncture accompanies the body in its aging process. You will have the chance to continue to see yourself age gracefully, without any unpleasant surprises one day when you realize that the botox is no longer effective, and you’ve just aged 5 years in a week! Ouch.

A boost of collagen and elastin, two key molecules for revitalized skin.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, the digestive system, and tendons. It gives our skin strength and elasticity and helps replace dead skin cells. In simple terms, it is the glue that helps hold the body’s tissues together. Collagen is also essential for wound healing, providing elasticity and stretching to the skin and allowing tissues to stay together without breaking. So, you can understand why we want to maximize it on the face!

Elastin is also a protein that gives resilience and elasticity to the connective tissue of the skin. It allows that bouncy and plump effect associated with young and healthy skin.

The body naturally produces its elastin and collagen. However, the production of elastin and collagen decreases with age (it’s the very core principle of aging!), leaving the skin prone to sagging and wrinkles. Acupuncture comes as a hero to reactivate the body’s natural production of these two key molecules, crucial for skin health.

acupuncturist taking a product from a brass tray displaying the organic made in Quebec products used in her aesthetic acupuncture treatment
Only natural, organic and made in Quebec products are used during facial acupuncture treatments

From internal well-being to external good looks: the holistic approach of aesthetic acupuncture.

In addition to cosmetic benefits, acupuncture has been used for millennia to promote well-being and balance in the body. By addressing existing imbalances, aesthetic acupuncture has the power not only to make you look healthier but also to make you actually feel healthier! Because you truly will be! And there is the whole difference.

The skin is only the external reflection of our internal health. If there is poor nutrition, poor digestion, poor sleep, a lot of stress or worries, there are negative repercussions on the appearance of the skin. Acupuncture helps the body regain its internal balance, both physically and mentally. That’s why cosmetic acupuncture is actually a fabulous 2-in-1: we treat the face and the whole person in its entirety. It’s one of the 5 reasons why I love giving aesthetic treatments!

At the beginning of the treatment, we look at whether digestion is good, whether sleep is restorative, whether the menstrual cycle is regular, and whether stress and emotional management are optimal. According to needs, we adjust the treatment orientation to make it personalized to the individual. Any other skin issues are also crucial and will be treated, such as rosacea, atopic dermatitis, or hives. Did you know that acupuncture has been proven to be effective in the treatment of atopic dermatitis and hives?

Who is the ideal candidate for aesthetic acupuncture?

Age here is not a factor: from 16 to 90 years old, you are all welcome!

Anyone looking for a natural solution to improve the appearance of their skin.

If it is important for you to use natural products, to be proactive about your health, if you like minimalist approaches, if you want to age gracefully, and you want to have natural results that resemble you, facial acupuncture is perfect for you!

Facial acupuncture is just as relevant for prevention in your twenties as it is to counteract existing signs of aging in your thirties, and it can accompany you up until retirement and beyond! We can all do with less sagging neck and cheek skin, wrinkles and fine lines, forehead lines, brown spots, dryness of the skin, lack of radiance, etc… (we know them all too well).

In your twenties: prevention for better aging

In prevention: the best time to start! You will maintain the optimal appearance of your skin for a longer time, already train your body to produce enough collagen and elastin. Skin dryness, wrinkles, dull complexion, and skin sagging will appear a few years later and will be less apparent.

After your thirties: curative to rejuvenate and rediscover your natural radiance.

In curative: it is never too late to start! Although time has already left some marks, we can attenuate them, make some disappear, and slow down the premature aging of the face for the years to come. It is giving a second breath of life to your face and self-esteem.

Anyone who already had or is planning to have Botox or other surgical procedures.

And yes, acupuncture complements other treatment modalities perfectly! In this case, we wait two to three weeks after surgery so as not to interfere with its effects.

acupuncturist and a woman coming for her facial acupuncture treatment are both chatting and smiling
We discuss your goals and expectations at any age.

Manage your expectations: authentic and risk-free results of acupuncture lifting.

As we use the body’s natural resources to set in motion skin regeneration processes, we cannot guarantee results as striking as what is possible to see in facial surgery. That is, we cannot completely eliminate wrinkles if the body does not have the capacity to produce enough elastin and collagen, for example. That being said, this is also what ensures the natural and personalized result of acupuncture!

Results vary according to several factors: the younger the person, the greater the body’s capacity for cell regeneration, hygiene and lifestyle habits, overwork and stress, UV exposure, physical activity. It is a safe procedure that gives convincing and significant results.

The satisfaction of a natural and authentic face over time.

As your body uses its own resources to improve your appearance, you will always resemble yourself. It will be you, at your best possible potential. And you will retain the pleasure of seeing yourself age gracefully and peacefully over the years, with the confidence of knowing that you are presenting your best face to the world. The beauty of natural evolution is to age in harmony with your body.

Series of aesthetic acupuncture treatments: a strategy for radiant and lasting beauty.

Aesthetic treatments last an hour and work in series of treatments. On average, a series of 6 treatments is sufficient to obtain significant results in terms of a younger and revitalized facial appearance. Obviously, this varies according to your goals and your age. Then, to extend the benefits obtained, it is beneficial to continue treatments at monthly or seasonal intervals. These maintenance treatments are important to continue to activate blood circulation in the face, drain toxins through the lymphatic system, and stimulate the production of our dear molecules of elastin and collagen.

We must celebrate this non-surgical procedure that truly transforms the appearance of the skin and restores self-esteem! Aesthetic acupuncture helps prevent premature aging of the face, improves complexion, reduces scars, shrinks skin pores, regulates excess sebum, smoothes facial lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture and elasticity, all without risk, very safely, all while doing good to the rest of the body and morale! Whether you are in your twenties or fifties, treatments are personalized according to your needs.

Facial acupuncture deserves to be better known and used as a treatment, not only for beauty but for health and well-being. If you feel excited to dive into the world of holistic beauty but have questions, I invite you to contact me without delay; I love answering questions! If instead you cannot wait to experience the rejuvenation from within, you may immediately book an appointment to enjoy your most beautiful skin today!

I look forward to welcoming you one day,