I aspire to increase the well-being of others through the holistic wisdom of Chinese medicine.

I dedicate all my attention and my presence to each of my patients. I offer them a place to rest in the moment, a space-time where their well-being primes over their worries.

My Mission: Sustainable Health

To inspire you to live a fulfilling and sustainable life, where you are in tune with yourself and your body, every day.

My mission is to accompany people on their path to a life that fulfills them, and to help them make the most of their daily lives through a sustainable health ecosystem. I help people improve their quality of life, relieve pain and reduce stress. I also help women live in harmony with their menstrual and hormonal cycles.

For me, health is measured by our ability to realize ourselves, physically, mentally and socially. And being able to help you achieve this balance through a holistic approach makes acupuncture the most beautiful profession in my eyes!

Here are some definitions that bring a different and more complete view of health. Health is not simply the absence of disease!


[Proto-Germanic hailitho, a being whole] • name

1. A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

2. Sustainable health is defined as physical, psychological and social well-being, maintained throughout life, through healthy, enriching and fulfilling living conditions, with access to appropriate quality resources used responsibly and efficiently for the benefit of current and future generations.

[1] World Health Organization (WHO)

[2] Alliance Santé Québec

The person behind the acupuncturist

Why I became an acupuncturist

I have always enjoyed listening and being there for those in need. It was a feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment in my former career as a programmer that made me want to pursue a career based on human relations and the improvement of our wellbeing. I longed for a career that would make me happy. So I set out in search of my passion.

After more than a year of questioning, searching and hoping, acupuncture came into my life as a revelation. With acupuncture, I could link the helping relationship with the therapeutic gesture, all in a sustainable and non-invasive care context! What an ideal profession! I had finally found my path.

I was immediately fascinated by this new model of thinking that encompasses nature, humans, and their interactions. Since then, I am passionate about Chinese medicine: it is part of my daily life. Not yet an acupuncturist, I had already started a personal practice of Qigong and Bagua Zhang in 2018. Still practised today, these physical exercises are part of a meditation and cultivation process. They allow me to better understand the mechanisms of Chinese medicine and the dynamics of the human body. Today, all I have left of the computer field is my occasional enjoyment of video games, and that's perfectly fine!

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As an acupuncturist

Through Chinese medicine, I am immersed in a universe that is totally aligned with my values and vision. Once I became an acupuncturist, I immediately began my training in Tuina, which I had the opportunity to practise during clinical training sessions at the Gongfu Research Center in Montreal with Ethan Murchie, Ac. These manual techniques allow for the release of tension in the tissues, as well as a deeper relaxation that opens the way for the body's natural healing processes. It is also a powerful energy diagnostic tool. I began to develop my sense of gentle and deep energetic manipulation with Chinese craniosacral, a technique that characterizes my practice today.

Through acupuncture and Tuina, I am able to accompany people to find a life in which they feel aligned. I accompany them in their quest for a better understanding of their body, and to acquire harmony between their mind and their body.

When I'm not doing martial arts or reading books on women's health according to Chinese wisdom, I love to reconnect with nature through hiking and gardening.

I believe:
  • In synchronicity
  • That everyone deserves to be fulfilled
  • That all our needs are legitimate and have a reason to be
  • That health is cultivated, and that maintaining it is a life's work
What I like doing:
  • Gardening
  • Walking in the woods
  • Enjoying beautiful moments with my family
The table's guilty pleasure:
  • Sushi
  • Date squares
  • Lasagna, a.k.a. cheese...
What keeps me grounded:
  • My partner
  • Bagua
  • Meditation
I am constantly honoured to have the opportunity to accompany other human beings in their quest for well-being. Helping others on their journey allows for my own fulfillment through authentic and true interactions.

Why should you consult me?

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    To have an acupuncturist 100% present with you in the moment.

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    To feel that your comfort and well-being is my priority.

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    So that your needs and your body are respected.

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    To experience a gentle and empathic approach.

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    For tips, tools and exercises to incorporate into your daily life.

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    To be accompanied in your quest for sustainable health.

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    To benefit from the wisdom of Chinese medicine.

My approach

My approach, based on empathy and rigour, consists in helping the body to find and maintain its balance. I believe that the body has the keys it needs to progress, and that everyone is the master of his own health. In addition to treatments, I also offer advice on Qigong exercises and lifestyle habits that will help you prevent pain and strengthen your emotional stability.

My care is holistic and considers the whole person. As you are unique, so is your treatment. The follow-ups are always personalized in order to respond to the ever-changing needs of your body.

Living is seizing the opportunity to improve our own well-being.

My areas of interest are mental health and women's health

Mental health

I am very passionate about holistic treatments for mental health. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine offer powerful tools to help the person and the body coexist peacefully and promote emotional balance.

I am dedicated to treating anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, addiction, burn out, obsessions, insomnia and stress management.

Women's health

I am very touched by the sensitivity and wisdom with which Chinese medicine approaches women's health. Acupuncture is the therapy of choice for the natural treatment of gynecological and hormonal disorders.

It harmonizes the key transitions of a woman's life, from puberty to menopause. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and provides a lasting hormonal balance.

I treat menstrual pain or cramps, irregular cycles, too many or too few periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, night sweats, etc…

Together, we will focus on what is blocking you from enjoying your life the way you want to.

This or That

Let's talk about serious things... Are you more:

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cocooning at home

party late


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fitted clothes

oversized clothes

Professional career path


Stress and anxiety
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps4
Treating the Shen through the body (3.5h)
by Avi Magidoff, Ac.
Treatment protocols for anxiety, stress and nervous system disorders.
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps1
NADA training (30h)
by Laura Cooley
Auricular treatment protocol for mental health, behavioural health, addiction and emotional trauma.
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps0
Aesthetic acupuncture
by Dr. Travall Croom, Ac.
Facial rejuvenation, Bell's palsy treatment and TMJ protocol
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps3
Classical Acupuncture Mentorship Program - In progress
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps2
Acupuncture and fascia
by Simon Bélair, Ac.
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps1
Balance Acupuncture system level 1 and 2
by Sonia Tan, Ac.
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps2
Meridian approach of acupuncture with Dr.Tan's technique - level 1
by Frédéric Bourge, Ac.
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps1
Internship in open area acupuncture called "social acupuncture".
Rosemont College
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps2
Chinese therapeutic massage
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps2
by Ethan Murchie, Ac.
Chinese discipline of breathing, meditation and concentration
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps2
JingLuo Qigong (Qigong of the meridian)
Montreal Gongfu Research Center
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps2
Montreal Gongfu Research Center

Clinical and Training Internships

Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps2
Clinical internship and supervised practice in Tuina (250h)
with Ethan Murchie, Ac.
Montreal Gongfu Research Center
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps4
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gongfu Martial Arts Retreat (1 week)
Arizona, Tucson, within the association NATSTA
Since 2018
Marqueur fleurit sur la ligne du temps4
Bagua Zhang internal martial art practice

Professional Associations

Let's improve your wellbeing together
I offer personalized acupuncture and Tuina treatments that aim to optimize your well-being in a holistic and natural way.
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